Westville Veterinary Hospital



31 Jan Hofmeyr Road
Westville, 3629


We offer ‘Excellence in Veterinary Care’ 24/7
Our well-equipped hospital and veterinary
staff will be on hand to assist with any
emergency you may have with your pet.

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031 267 8000

As part of our family, our commitments to you are:

Your pet is ours too:  We aim to make your visits to us as stress free as possible for both you and your pet. We will explain procedures in good old plain English, and we will always be sensitive and respectful of your wishes.

We are passionate about animals:  Our oath to you at all times is to treat your beloved pet with the utmost respect, care and compassion, always remembering they are an important part of your family unit.

We NEVER stop learning:  We constantly ensure our pet care, medical and surgical skills are “world’s best practice”.

We respect your time:  Therefore we will do our utmost to keep you informed.  Please forgive us if we are running a little late, we are taking care of a family’s precious pet.

We won’t compromise:  We will not cut corners or use cheap and inferior products.  We will only recommend the best and most appropriate treatments, while being sensitive to your circumstances.

And in return, we ask that you:

Make appointments as near as possible to the due date on your reminders. These health checks and vaccinations are crucial to your pet’s ongoing health and well being.

Try and arrive a little earlier for your appointments. This helps everything run smoothly in our busy practice.

Ensure that payment is made at the end of the consult or on discharge of your pet.