Stripe Knit Polo Neck Sweater Black

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When days are short and cold, you want to spend as much time as possible where it’s warm and sheltered. If you need to brave the elements, at least you need to be protected against the snapping cold. Your dog feels the same way, and will be once you slip him into his Stripe Knit polo sweater. Stretchy for ultimate fit and comfort, Boomer will be insulated against the cold wherever you go.

  • Featured Materials: Made from mohair blend yarn, ribbed at the neck, cuffs and tummy to guarantee a super comfortable fit.
    Available colours: Black
    Care: Spot clean dirt, or machine wash inside out on gentle cycle, COLD WATER. Dry flat to maintain shape. Do not iron
    Size Specifications:
    XS chest 26~34cm, back 18~23cm
    S chest 32~42cm, back 22~27cm
    M chest 40~46cm, back 27~31cm
    L chest 42~50cm, back 32~38cm
    XL chest 48~56cm, back 38~42cm
    XXL chest 56~64cm, back 42~48cm
    3XL chest 64~72cm, back 50~60cm
  • Product Size 3XL