Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery

Our Orthopaedic veterinary surgeons are trained in providing arthroscopic surgery, a minimal invasive technique that is used to diagnose and treat common joint conditions.

During the procedure, your dog will be put under general anaesthesia to ensure its comfort and to allow our Orthopaedic veterinary surgeon to work more thoroughly.

A small region of hair is clipped over the target joint, and the joint itself is distended (temporarily expanded) with sterile fluid. Then, small incisions are made over or nearby the joint so the surgical tools and camera (arthroscope) can be inserted into the joint.

Guided visually by the camera, the surgeon can evaluate the anatomy of the joint and remove any abnormal tissues, including bone fragments and torn menisci.

The benefits of arthroscopic surgery is that the inside of the joint is visualized better, allowing the Orthopaedic vet to more accurately diagnose and treat the condition. Smaller incisions typically means less blood loss and less pain. Less scarring occurs following the procedure. Surgical time is often faster, which decreases the amount of time your dog is sedated and recovery time is also generally faster, with fewer complications.